Arigo Pay

Arigo Pay is a user-friendly platform that serves as a digital wallet for various bill payments and financial transactions. It offers a convenient platform for users to manage their payments, including purchasing airtime, buying data, subscribing to cable TV services.
One of the key features of Arigo Pay is its secure fund transfer functionality. Users can conveniently send money eliminating the need for traditional methods like cash or cheques.
 Moreso, Arigo Pay provides a reliable and efficient currency exchange service, enabling users to convert their funds into different currencies, which can be particularly beneficial for international transactions. 
What sets Arigo Pay apart is its innovative rewards program. Users are given the opportunity to earn rewards for each payment made through the platform. These rewards can be accumulated and redeemed for various benefits, such as discounts on future transactions, exclusive offers, or even cashback incentives.

Key Features of ArigoPay