Software Development

As your software development partner, our objective is to ensure that your business goal is achieved. This entails understanding your software business case, the stakeholders and what is success for the project. We put in all the required work from initiation to creating a statement of work that captures the business case down to execution.  We walk and work with you all through your software journey. Some of the project outcomes include websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Our service ensures that your idea moves from ideation to the final software, ensuring that the objective is achieved.

To achieve this, you are assigned a Project Manager that ensures that project outcomes are achieved. Depending on the nature of the project, we may take up an agile or predictive approach towards solving the problem. We spend a substantial amount of time understanding your project before writing a single-line code.

Our team consists of technology experts, product people and entrepreneurs that understand both technology and business. This means that we will be having engaging discussions with you and internally towards project success.

Our core services and deliverables are internet enabled as we believe the power of the internet is still largely untapped in Africa.

We have hands-on experience with the following concepts and programming languages: UI, UX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. In addition to writing optimal SQL queries, we are versatile in building scalable solutions and managing server setups.

While achieving these results, we keep security and continuity in mind.

We Design

We specialize in developing and crafting the most user-friendly applications in Nigeria at Arigo Technologies, offering top-notch quality and exceptional user experience. Our web and mobile apps are meticulously designed to cater to various demands and functionalities.

We Develop

At Arigo Technologies, we specialize in creating web and mobile applications tailored to perfectly align with your business and brand. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support to help you establish a formidable online presence, harnessing the power of the Internet and digital domain to enhance productivity and drive success.

We deploy

Our team ensures the seamless deployment of web and mobile applications on cloud hosting platforms. We prioritize reliability by hosting your apps on highly dependable servers. Rest assured, our robust security protocols guarantee the utmost protection of your apps on the cloud.